BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 08

This week we are joined by the Marketing Master of GrrCON, Jaime Payne. One of the things I noticed during her talk, her method for marketing GrrCON sounds a lot like some of the things Social Engineers do to get to the right people in a company. The title of the talk sounds awesome, and it sounds like the talk will span beyond just Cons, and could help any new group starting in the area.

Abstract: So you decided to start up a hacker conference in your town? Awesome! Now how the hell are you going to get money? I’ll tell you how! A little bit of BS (well perhaps a touch more than that) a pinch of social engineering, and a whole lot of patience and spamming! Apply my concepts not only to conferences, but your Hacker Space, local ISSA chapter, or maybe even your school’s cyber defense team. Who knows? Just get that cash! I’ll walk you through how to actually get through to sponsors, milk them for the most ca$h possible, social engineer your way to interviews and most importantly – butts in your seats!

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