BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 10

It is week 10, Wolfgang said we’re half way through. This week Justin and I were not available so Wolf and Ray talked to Rob Former (Slugs on Toast).

Rob is talking about “Smart” Power Meters. Ray actually asks some good questions. Listen in to find out just how secure and safe the new tech really is.

Abstract: In the information security business, it seems you can’t open a journal or blog site without being inundated with articles about SmartMeters and AMI. There is a lot of speculation and FUD on this topic. There are claims of wormable code and full carnal pwnage. What are the facts? What can you really do to hack a meter, and what does that gain you? This talk will examine the vulnerability points of a typical meter and the systems that support it. Will you be able to hack a meter by the end of this talk? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how smart you are I guess. What you WILL get out of this talk is a sense of the security realities that adding two-way communication and shutoff switches to the meter on the side of your house brings, along with the ability to tell if the talking head on is full of sh*t or not. Oh yes, I’ll also be poking fun at the Tin Foil Hat crowd. If you don’t know who that is, come to the talk.

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