BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 18

While Wolfgang and Chris were at BSides Chicago,they found Jen Fox and got her in to a special mobile podcast booth under the El (Wolfgang’s car). Jen’s talk is on The Moscow Rules and how we should apply those rules to our work in InfoSec. What are The Moscow rules? You’ll have to listen and find out.

Abstract: Ever worked at a company with poor relations between IT and business? Ever been on the team that comes in for the second or third try at a failed project? Ever been a consultant or contractor at a company that is suspicious of outsiders? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this talk is for you. The Moscow Rules are said to be the rules used by spies operating in Russia during the Cold War to protect their lives and their missions. This talk adapts the Moscow Rules for the IT professional who needs to have ongoing interactions with the “other side” (business). Providing secure environments for our companies and clients depends upon our abilities as infosec professionals to work effectively with the people in our environments as well as the technology. In order to accomplish our infosec missions, we need to enhance our toolkit to include rapport building and consulting tradecraft.

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