BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 19

So after talking with Jen Fox, for episode 018, and learning of The Moscow Rules… Wolfgang and Chris decided to play spy. They found a burlap sack and snuck up behind Scott Thomas.

The next thing he knew, he was in the mobile podcast booth (Wolfgang’s car under the El) outside Bsides-Chicago. Scott is going to tell us about Dealing with InfoSec Flameout. This time it’s not the job that’s burning you out, it’s the studying outside of work while trying to break that InfoSec job mold. This started as a blog post and became larger than he thought.

Abstract. Burnout has many causes and is experienced by people at different stages of their career. This talk will start with exploring burnout in the infosec community and move to providing methods, including using social engineering techniques, to combat and eventually overcome burnout. It will cover examples of burnouts that the speakers have experienced and real life examples of how the speakers have dealt with burnout.

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