BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 23

THIS WEEKEND!!! WE’VE MADE IT!!! The word on the net is they have sold 400 tickets.

But really you have to hear Wolf Interviewed this week. Wolf and Ray Davidson talk to this week’s guest, Mark Manning. His talk is on Jacking the Juke. What does that mean? Listen and find out. Here’s a hint: Ray’s got a strong background in RF.

Abstract: You’re sitting in a bar with your friends having an interesting discussion about an abstract security topic when suddenly Bon Jovi starts blasting from the jukebox with 10 screaming girls that distract you. You’re saying to yourself, “Self, I’d really like to turn that music off or at least the volume down.” Well you’re in luck because that jukebox is connected to the Internet, has a mobile app, and uses an RF remote control that transmits over shared ISM frequencies. All of which are fun to hack on. This talk will discuss some of the issues with a popular jukebox system and some of the things you can do. The presentation includes mobile hacking, network exploits, and an introduction to hardware hacking for pen testers all wrapped up in an old school hacking story line.

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