BSides Detroit 13 Episode 04

The GrrCon conference is returning to sponsor BSides Detroit 13. The GrrCon crew is always a lot of fun. And on this episode, Chris Payne (@EggDropX) joins us to discuss this cross-state collaboration. “I see us all as one family. It is Michigan. It is what we do. If we are not going to support you, who is going to?”

Chris also previews his new talk, In case of ZOMBIES break glass. Fair warning: Chris uses explicit language at times.

Abstract: One thing is for certain, surviving the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse will not be easy. Many of you will die, potentially creating a larger army of the undead to attack the rest of us. Not sure what to do when the zombie apocalypse hits?  How do you and your loved ones survive an army of the undead with your brains, & sanity, intact? This presentation will cover some VERY real scenarios that may bring about the zombie apocalypse and provide you will invaluable information to make sure you are one of those left to retake the earth.

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