BSides Detroit 13 Episode 07

Steven Fox and Andrew MacPherson from Paterva join the podcast. We discuss Maltego and Steven’s Open Source Intelligence Workshop / Scavenger Hunt.

Abstract. The Internet is replete with information resources which communicate both trivial and useful information about people/organizations. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) comprises an analytical process where this information is collected, distilled and deployed for use in a variety of scenarios. This process reveals the information associated with physical assets, enabling us to interface strategically with the world.

Attendees will learn, over two half-day sessions, the OSINT lifecycle in the context of a scavenger hunt. They wll become familier with the fundamentals behind cyber intelligence collection and analysis, and how these current methods can be deployed in their organizations. They will also learn to visualize connections between information and physical assets through the use of Paterva’s Maltego. Each workshop attendee will receive a 5-day enterprise license for us in both this workshop and the Security BSides Detroit CTF.

Note. This is a two part workshop. Part one is on Friday morning, part two is on Saturday afternoon, and the scavenger hunt runs through-out the conference. Exact times will be announced closer to the event.

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