BSides Detroit 13 Episode 17

On this episode, J Wolfgang Goerlich interviews the BSides Detroit 13 business keynote speaker. His talk is Creating a security culture – a holistic view on security.

Kai Roer, the founder and Senior Partner of The Roer Group, is a European author and speaker. He has delivered speeches and trainings in more than 20 countries on four continents. Kai speaks about leadership, communication and security. He is a guest lecturer at two universities in Europe, and have consulted organizations of all sizes since 1994. Kai maintain an infosec blog at You can also follow him on twitter as @kairoer.

Abstract: All the talk about security awareness training the past year has boosted the idea that training is futile and a waste of time. What are the mechanisms that drive security? Can we point to areas in psychology that relates to how we treat security? Are we, the infosec community, the best resource to teach security? This talk will boggle your mind, and possibly turn everything you know and believe about users, security and awareness upside down

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