BSides Detroit 13 Episode 18

Fresh from BSides Chicago’s New and Local track, Eve Adams joins us on the BSides Detroit podcast. Eve covers her Chicago experience, explains a bit about what she does (and why she is better than Willy Wonka), and gives a preview of her talk: Hack the Hustle.

Abstract: While information security is widely considered a negative-unemployment industry (it’s actually closer to 3%), most of us will look for a job at some point. Seasoned technical recruiter Eve Adams (@HackerHuntress) provides infosec-specific insight on writing resumes that get you the kind of attention you want, getting short-listed for cool positions before they’re even posted, strategically riding infosec employment trends, and how to most effectively work with those delightful recruiters. This talk will have something for those just entering the workforce, mid-career security professionals, and former VAX hackers alike!

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