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BSides Detroit 13 Episode 21

Chris (@rattis) is our last guest before BSides Detroit 13. In this episode, Chris chats with Wolfgang Goerlich about last year’s podcast, Chris’s work as the EMU IA president, and what Chris has planned for this year’s lockpick village. For those participating in the CTF, stay tuned for hints on the physical challenges.

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BSides Detroit 13 Episode 11

Matt Johnson (@mwjcomputing) is this week’s podcast guest. Matt discusses the #MiSec BSides Detroit dinner, the value of blue team defenses, and, of course, PowerShell. Matt is the founder of the Michigan PowerShell User Group and has submitted a talk to BSides Detroit 13 titled Incident Management with PowerShell.

Abstract. Have you seen the latest scare? The Java 0-day exploit that allows attackers to execute code on your computer? Now scares come and scares go. But let’s suppose for a moment your servers were infected using this exploit. How could your administrators detect the attack? How do you recover? Even better, what could have been done beforehand and how could you prevent this from happening again?

Incident Management , of course, is the security practice that seeks to answer these questions. In Windows server environments, PowerShell is the way Incident Management gets put into practice. This session will introduce InfoSec professionals and systems administrators to PowerShell’s security features. Using the Java 0-day exploit as a driver, we will walk through the lifecycle of an incident. The audience will leave with information on the policy and practice of Incident Management with PowerShell.

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BSides Detroit 13 Episode 03

On this episode, BSides Detroit announces its collaboration with BSides Chicago on a new capture the flag (CTF) contest. This is the first CTF, to the best of our knowledge, that stretches two conferences and stretches three months. Derek Thomas (@dth0m) and Juan Carlos (@kongo_86) take us behind the scenes to see the efforts going into this groundbreaking competition.

To find out more about the CTF, Derek and Juan suggest you follow @BSidesDetroit and @BSidesChicago on Twitter.

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BSides Detroit 13 Episode 01

The BSides Detroit podcast returns to cover this year’s event. In this episode, J Wolfgang Goerlich interviews conference organizers Steven Fox (@securelexicon) and Ryan Harp (@b00st_sec). We touch on the rebuilding and rebranding that the BSides Detroit conference went through in 2012, and how that will continue into the 2013 conference. Ryan and Steven also give a sneak peek of this year: a capture the flag competition, more lock sport, a new Maltego workshop, and more.

Join us as we kick off BSides Detroit 13.

BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 24

Rats and Rogues: BSides Detroit wrap-up.So last week, after Bsides Detroit was over, some of us from #misec talked about it.

So join: LeonardJaimeStephenWolfgangJustin and Chris, as they recap the three days that made up Bsides Detroit. Yes, 3 days. We counted the dinner the night before.

You’ll hear about the two types of training coming to Michigan soon too.

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BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 22

This week Wolf and Leonard talk to Larry McDonald about his workshop. Larry will be putting on the BSidesDetroit Forensics Challenge.

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BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 14

This week Justin, Wolfgang, and Chris actually all get on the show together. And things are a little different than normal. The Three Amigos ride again, for the first time.

Chris talks a little about this years TOOOL Lock Pick Village, that he’s running. It might have a few twists in it.

Wolfgang talks a little about the talk he’s planning on giving. It’s called Naked Boulder Rolling. It is an updated version of the talk he gave last year at GrrCON, How Asteroids Falling From the Sky Improves Security.

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BSides Detroit 12 Interviews 01

No Justin on this spin. But he did do a great job on some of the editing. This episode has J. Wolfgang Goerlich (@jwgoerlich) as our BSides Detroit interviewer.

This episode is a peek behind the curtain on BSides Detroit, and how and why it is the way it is. What changes are coming, and where the 2011 organizers want to see it to go.

So join us as we talk with Ryan Harp and Kyle Creyts as the four of us talk about Detroit’s security conference. If you want to contact the BSides Detroit organizers

Episode 2 should go live Wednesday Jan 11. We will talk to the person creating the new logo to and reshaping the BSides Detroit brand.

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